Curbside Pickup Information

Paper/Cardbord & Commingled Glass / Metal / Plastic
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Paper /Cardboard
Blue Recycling Container
(Blue Container)
Black and white or colored unsoiled newspaper, junk mail, office paper.

Gray cardboard, cereal and cracker cartons, corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, telephone directories, manila folders, shirt and gift boxes, paper towel rolls.

Carbon paper, books.

Cardboard coated with metal foil, plastic or styrofoam linings.

Commingled Glass / Metal / Plastic
Green Recycling Container
(Green Container)
Unbroken clear, green and brown bottles and jars (rinsed clean).

Uncrushed food, juice and beverage cans (rinsed clean to prevent vermin attraction), aerosol cans (empty), aluminum foil and plates.

All (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) plastic bottle containers. Example: milk, soda*, laundry and some one gallon water containers (rinse out).

Window panes, light bulbs, crystal, dishware, auto glass, mirrors, ceramics.

Oil cans, paint cans.

Styrofoam cups, containers of potentially hazardous materials such as motor oil, plastic bags, vinyl.

To identify (1) - (7) plastic containers, look for one of the following symbols
on the bottom of a container:
SPI Resin ID Codes
*Soda bottles, plastic bottles and cans should be returned to the store for deposit.
Return plastic bags to the store.