Climate Advisory Committee


is committed to leaving a sustainable and livable planet to our children and the many generations to follow them. In partnership with the Village of Ardsley we have created an ambitious program to reduce Ardsley’s emissions 50% by 2030. The Ardsley CAN by 2030! initiative ( focuses on three pillars: Carbon Reduction, Acting Sustainably, and Neighbor by Neighbor change and collaboration.  The CAC sponsors education, volunteer, and policy initiatives to achieve the 2030 goal.  

The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway ( is part of the Act Sustainably pillar of Ardsley CAN by 2030!  The goal of global pollinator pathways is to create waystations in our yards to support our endangered pollinators as well as all creatures (including us), by restoring healthy ecosystems. 

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2021 to 2022 Annual Report

2020 to 2021 Annual Report

2019 to 2020 Annual Report

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Municipal Buildings Energy Benchmarking:

Please click HERE for a copy of the Municipal Buildings Energy Benchmarking Resolution.

Below is a link to the annual reports starting in 2019 which was the first year that benchmarking data was recorded in Energy Star's Portfolio Manager.


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Chair, Pollinator Pathway

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Pollinator Pathway Board Liaison

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