Census 2020-Westchester Wins When Everyone is Counted

Efforts to obtain an accurate count in the 2020 Census in Westchester are well underway. Data from the Census is used to determine New York State’s representation in Congress as well as local districting. Census data is also used for the distribution of about $880 Billion of federal funds to municipalities. The Census Bureau estimates that every person that is not counted amounts to a loss of approximately $2,500 per year to local municipalities. This means that every 400 people who are not counted equates to a loss of about $1 Million in funding - each year. We need to get everyone living in Westchester counted. 

Letters will be distributed by the Census Bureau in March.  These letters will include a code that will be used online to complete 9 questions. We will provide additional information on the process close to the date the letters are mailed.

Please click the link below to view Census 2020 Presentation 

PDF icon 2020 Census Presentation2.94 MB