IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Do not flush wipes into sanitary sewers

Please be mindful that wipes of any kind should NOT be flushed into the sanitary sewers. These wipes should be thrown in the trash.  These wipes tend to get caught on the rough surface of the sanitary sewer lines causing clogs/backups which can ultimately lead to issues inside a residence. Understandably during these difficult times this can be easily overlooked; however, flushing wipes can cause significant damage to our sewer system, which requires a large response. The DPW is operating with a staggered staffing structure to limit exposure while also maintaining essential services (water, garbage, recycling, yard waste and sanitary sewers). Should a clog/backup occur, that would mean that another service needs to be put on hold to rectify this issue. So, please refrain from putting anything other than toilet paper into the sanitary sewers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.