In an effort to preserve precious staff resources during this crisis, effective Monday, March 30th, the Village of Ardsley will be switching to a once per week garbage collection schedule and twice per month recycling schedule until further notice. 

New Garbage Schedule

There will be no garbage pickup on Fridays at all.  So if your garbage pickup days were Monday and Friday, now it will just be Monday. Likewise, if your garbage collection was Tuesday and Friday, it will just be Tuesday. Monday routes are the South side of the Village (Yellow) and is both sides of Ashford Avenue.  Tuesday routes are the North side of the Village (Pink) and is both sides of Heatherdell Rd. 

New Recycling Schedule
We are also cancelling Thursday recycling pickups until further notice. We will be picking up recyclables twice per month instead of four times per month.  Beginning on Wednesday April 1st, we will be picking up Newspaper and Cardboard on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (Blue) and co-mingled glass and plastic on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month (Green). Bulk metal and electronics will continue to be picked up every Wednesday.

We understand that while you have some extra time at home that you might be doing some spring cleaning but given the change in the sanitation schedule we ask that you not overload our DPW workers and not put out excessive amounts of garbage.  Again, all garbage and recycling needs to be in the proper receptacle or it will not be picked up.