Village of Ardsley Earns Clean Energy Community Designation

for its Commitment to Cut Costs and Reduce Energy Consumption

We are proud to announce that The Village has been designated a Clean Energy Community by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), recognizing its leadership in reducing energy use, cutting costs and driving clean energy locally.

Announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in August 2016, the $16 million Clean Energy Communities initiative supports local government leaders across the state by providing grants to eligible municipalities to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development projects in their communities

Mayor Kaboolian has stated that: “The Village of Ardsley Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the Village of Ardsley has been designated as a NYSERDA Clean Energy Community in recognition of actions taken, such as reduction of energy consumption.  Also, the Board voted last month to revive Ardsley’s Conservation and Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC) and designated Ms. Eda Kapsis as Chair. The CEAC will advise the Board on relevant issues and opportunities, and provide environmental education, information, and best practices to residents and businesses.  The Board is very happy that the Village has been designated as a Clean Energy Community and that we have revived the CEAC.  We all will benefit from opportunities to be environmentally conscious and act on a local level to conserve and enhance our Village environment.”  If you would like to expand upon your experience or interests in sustainability or to learn how to get started, please send an email to:

“I congratulate the Village of Ardsley on this important designation and commend its commitment to pursuing clean renewable energy in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and help protect the environment,” said Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA.

The Village of Ardsley received the designation for completing four of 10 high-impact clean energy actions identified by NYSERDA as part of the Clean Energy Communities initiative. To earn the Clean Energy Community designation, the Village has completed the following high-impact clean energy actions:

  • Completed energy code enforcement training on best practices in energy code enforcement for code compliance officers and other municipal officers.
  • Converted streetlights to energy efficient LED technology.
  • Implemented Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) so residents can gain greater choice and control over energy use as a group.
  • Adopted a benchmarking policy to track and report the energy use of the Village’s municipal buildings.

Cities, counties, towns and villages that complete at least four of 10 high-impact clean energy actions are designated Clean Energy Communities and are eligible to apply for funding of up to $250,000 with no local cost share and the option of receiving up to 25 percent paid in advance to support additional clean energy projects. Current funding has been exhausted but the Village will be eligible to apply once additional funding is in place.

Once all funding is exhausted for large or small/medium categories in a region, local governments designated a Clean Energy Community are eligible to apply for a $5,000 grant, on a first-come, first-serve basis until such funds are exhausted. Unfortunately, this funding is also exhausted at this time.