Border Confusion! Are Ardsley Estates, and Ardsley Green in Ardsley? What about Sprain Road, Cross Road, and Ardsley Chase? What’s in Ardsley and what is not?

Though they both have Ardsley postal addresses, and are served by the Ardsley Fire Department via contract, Ardsley Estates and Ardsley Green are located squarely in the unincorporated portion of the Town of Greenburgh.

The new housing development known as Ardsley Chase off Ardsley Road is also located outside the Village and in unincorporated Town of Greenburgh with a Scarsdale postal address. 

182 Sprain Road is the only home on Sprain Road physically located in Ardsley Village.

Cross Road is in the Village between Ashford Avenue and Markwood Avenue.  The roadbed of Cross Road between Markwood Avenue and Sprain Road is located in unincorporated Greenburgh though it is abutted by Ardsley Village properties on both sides with the one exception of 21 Cross Road.

The “top” of Euclid Avenue and Larchmont Street are located in unincorporated Greenburgh, as is the last home on the McKinley Place dead end, the last few homes on the east end of Riverview Avenue, and the last two homes on either side of Ashford Avenue before it becomes Ardsley Road at the intersection of Sprain Road.

The Ardsley Park office complex south of Lawrence Street on Route 9A is outside of the Village.  Similarly, the large office complex north of County Auto, a gasoline service station, is also beyond the Village borders.    

The east side of Elm Street that hugs the New York State Thruway between the House of Sports and the road’s northern terminus is in Ardsley.  The west side of the same portion of this road is in Dobbs Ferry.  However, the small parcel of parkland on the west side of the road, that provides access to the South County Trailway that is physically located in Dobbs Ferry, is owned by the Village of Ardsley acquired through a County surplus land sale.