Avoid HABs - Harmful Algal Blooms!

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Harmful Algal Bloom Notifications
New waterbodies with harmful algal blooms have been added to DEC’s
There are currently 28 waterbodies with blooms on the list.
Avoid and Report Suspected Blooms
Harmful algal blooms can look like:
  • white, blue or green spilled paint;
  • green streaks on the surface of the water;
  • green dots in the water or green globs on the surface of the water;
  • pea soup.
To learn more about what harmful algal blooms look like,
Because waterbodies may have harmful algal blooms that have not been reported to DEC,
we recommend avoiding contact with floating mats, scum and discolored water.
If you suspect you have seen a harmful algal bloom, or you, your family, or pet has been in contact with a harmful algal bloom, please follow the instructions for reporting a bloom to DEC
If you see it, avoid it and report it!