Food Scrap Composting Kits Available to Village of Ardsley Residents for Purchase at Village Hall

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Get Your Compost Storage Kit

Complete compost storage kits (kitchen counter caddie, roll of plant-based liner bags, and a larger locking bulk transporter) are available to Village of Ardsley Residents only for $20 in Village Hall, 507 Ashford Avenue.

Why recycle food scraps?

Food scraps are one of the largest components of trash sent to landfills and incinerators. However, food scraps are not trash, they are a resource that can be turned into useful compost. Recycling food scraps into compost captures their nutrients and energy and returns them to the environment. When food scraps are sent to a landfill or incinerator this resource is lost. In a landfill, food scraps create methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas that traps CO2 and contributes to global warming. When sent to an incinerator, food scraps reduce the efficiency of the incinerator because they contain water and therefore don’t burn well. Composting food scraps turns that story around! Instead of wasting energy trying to burn food, or creating methane from landfilling it, composting food scraps produces a useful and valuable product that gives back to our nutrient life cycle resulting in cleaner soil, water and air.


Village of Ardsley residents are able to participate in the food scrap recycling program through the Town of Greenburgh.


Which Food Scraps Are Accepted?

All food scraps, including but not limited to meat, bones, dairy, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, cooked food, leftover food, pizza box etc. will be accepted. The collected food scraps will then be transferred to a commercial composting facility to be recycled into nutrient-rich compost.




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The Town of Greenburgh Food Scrap Recycling Program accepts resident food scraps for recycling for no charge at the following drop-off locations: