Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Committee

Ardsley Pollinator Pathway

Making significant change, one yard at a time

Mission Statement:

The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Project's mission is to raise awareness, educate, and encourage the participation of Ardsley’s residents, businesses, government, and other organizations in the creation and maintenance of healthy pollinator habitats in the Village of Ardsley.

The Ardsley Pollinator Pathway offers free educational and community events. To see and register for upcoming events, as well as lots of information on how to support pollinators and our ecosystem, go to the Ardsley Pollinator Pathway website.

It is Critical That We Support Our Pollinators and Ecosystem:

Pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of 80-95% of plant species on earth. The world’s community of pollinators is in crisis.  One in four native bee species are facing extinction. There are significant declines in other pollinator populations as well, which include beetles, ants, birds, moths, butterflies, flies, gnats, and small mammals, such as bats. 

There are numerous reasons for this decline, with habitat loss and pesticide use as the main causes that we can affect. 

Conservation techniques work! When homeowners, governmental agencies and private businesses commit to expanding pollinator-friendly, pesticide-free habitats, we will change the future for pollinators and secure our own. We encourage your home to become a node on a path through Ardsley! 

No effort is too small! We need your help. They need your help. 

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