Stormwater Project

 Welcome to SW Management 
Stormwater (SW) is rain or melting snow that washes over everything, carrying 
pollutants into our lakes, rivers and all local waterbodies.
The Village of Ardsley is an MS4,
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System.
Sanitary waste from homes & buildingsstorm drain is piped away to a
treatment plant, BUT
polluted stormwater runoff goes into our storm drain
system and continues
untreated directly to our local waterbodies.
Phase II SW Management is a federal EPA program, administered by NYS DEC, aimed at
cleaning up all the waterbodies of the US, including Ardsley.
The program has 6 Minimum Measures (MMs):
MM1: Public Outreach & Education: visits to schools, Scouts,
Village events, TV, website
MM2: Public Participation: cleanups, planting events, SW demos
MM3: Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination: track illicit
dumping in local water
MM4: Pre-Construction SW Control: control construction site
MM5:Post-Construction SW Control: permanent runoff capture
MM6: Municipal Good Housekeeping: street sweeping, recycling, minimum road salt
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~~~For more information, visit the NYSDEC SW website.~~~
 If you suspect illegal dumping into our Storm Drain system,
go to the VofA SW Hotline webpage.
Thanks for making our water cleaner!


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lorraine Kuhn SW Management Coordinator (914) 693-1550
Larry J. Tomasso SW Management Officer (914) 693-6961