Police Department

The principal responsibility of the Police Department is the protection of life and property within the Village of Ardsley. This is accomplished through the enforcement of laws and coordination of emergency services provided by other Village departments and outside agencies. Officers are trained in law, emergency first-aid, self-defense, handling firearms, traffic control, crime detection, and other related fields.

The concept of protection of life and property includes the maintenance of community peace and tranquillity, which is accomplished through countless services provided by the Police Department on a priority basis and as time and manpower permit. While the police officer's legal functions center upon law enforcement, his primary product is SERVICE in the interest of maintaining a community for better living.

For routine service, questions, or to report an incident that is routine in nature, please use the main number (914) 693-1700. For emergencies (fire, police, ambulance), just dial 911. It is important that you use 911 ONLY in an emergency. To insure a prompt response by the Police, Fire, or Ambulance units, please see to it that your house number is conspicuously posted.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Anthony Piccolino Chief of Police (914) 693-1700
Carl Calabrese Lieutenant (914) 693-1700
Daniel Tarantino Detective (914) 693-1759
Ronald Perkins Detective (914) 693-1759
Anthony Vacca Youth Officer (914) 693-1700